More than just marveling at the complexity and mystery of mammalian development, we seek to understand the molecular mechanisms to a point that we can guide and intervene in mammalian development. The understanding that we attain will enable projects like the “molecular persona” that seeks to identify the earliest determinants of personality and behavior, and the “virtual fetus” in which we seek to model mammalian development in silico.


We seek to increase our understanding of mammalian development from conception to birth, with a focus on stem cells and the environmental factors that can skew these processes. From the molecule to the developed human we work across a range of scales to understand the basic mechanisms of mammalian development and use these to redesign and reengineer living systems.    


Perturb and observe the foundation of scientific principles guides us in our understanding of mammalian development.

Division Chief

Aitor Aguirre

Aitor Aguirre



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