MSU has an international reputation for research, creative projects and learning experiences at the undergraduate level.

For a growing number of MSU students, undergraduate research is a defining experience in their college careers.  Hands-on research makes them better learners and critical thinkers.  It allows them to apply new knowledge to their studies and helps them map paths to graduation and beyond.  MSU offers hundreds of individual and group-based research and creative activity opportunities. For more details, visit the MSU Undergraduate Research program.

At IQ, we continue the tradition of providing rich research opportunities for undergraduates. From the moment you walk in the doors at IQ, you will be immersed in the world of groundbreaking convergent science. You will be taught to think differently, to apply your knowledge to other disciplines, and to see the world holistically.

Undergrads will come from three major colleges at MSU; College of Natural Science, College of Human Medicine, and College of Engineering. We also have working relationships with other colleges on campus, from veterinary medicine to business, where students also have an opportunity to collaborate with IQ.