IQ has targeted short-term goals that support a broad long-term vision. Our integrated transdisciplinary initiative of convergent science is designed to bridge the gaps between engineering, medicine and science to advance biomedicine in creative ways that fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered. In this spirit, IQ has faculty from 18 different departments representing six different colleges who work collaboratively to advance knowledge and develop new technologies.

The research program incorporates biocomputation, bioengineering, nanomedicine, structural biology, neurodevelopment and neuroscience to define and address visionary large-scale projects such as the Virtual Fetus, Zoobiquity, Molecular Imaging, and the Molecular Persona.

It integrates research with strong and emerging clinical initiatives such as synthetic mammalian biology and Ob/Gyn, chemical biology and pharmacology, molecular imaging and radiology, developmental and stem cell biology and pediatrics/neurodevelopment, biomechanics and musculoskeletal biology and orthopedics, and the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams and nuclear medicine.

To achieve our vision, we rely on strong partnerships and entrepreneurial programs not only at MSU, but nationally. Please contact us if you would like learn more, or participate in our projects.