Tiffany Owen

Portrait photo of Tiffany OwenACADEMIC PROGRAM COORDINATOR




Tiffany is the Graduate Education Coordinator for the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program. She handles all things graduate student related. Her responsibilities include but are not limited to, providing support to the Associate Chair of the Graduate Program, assisting with graduate student recruitment, admissions, enrollment, payroll, graduation, and facilitating student questions and requests. Additionally, Tiffany is the point of contact for all graduate students working in the Institute for Quantitative Health Science & Engineering.


I joined MSU in 2012 where I worked as a Research Assistant/Ultrasound Technician for the Pregnancy Outcomes and Community Health (POUCH) study in the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics. After the study ended in 2014, I became a Healthcare Assistant in the Psychiatry Department at the University’s Student Health Center. In this position, I witnessed some of the mental health struggles that college students can experience, many of which were within the graduate student population. I started my career with Graduate students in 2016 when I joined the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science as the Graduate Secretary. Then in October 2018, I joined the Biomedical Engineering Department as the Graduate Education Coordinator. In this position, I work with students in all stages of their graduate school career, from the application process, to conferring their degrees, and everything in-between. I truly enjoy supporting and working with Graduate Students!  My free time is spent with my family and giant dog Hendrix, spoiling my nephews, having kitchen dance parties, camping, and relaxing at my cabin in the U.P.