EAST LANSING — Four members the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) and the Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering (IQ) have been recognized for their distinguished contributions to teaching and service as part of the 31st Annual MSU Engineering Awards. Ms. Nisachon Chaiwang, Dr. Dana Spence, Dr. Wen Li, and Dr. Mark Worden have been selected as recipients of three awards for excellence.

Portrait of Nisa

Ms. Nisa Chaiwang

The Spartans Will Award was established this year to recognize staff members who are known to go above and beyond and who are seen as role models by their peers. Ms. Nisachon (Nisa) Chaiwang, the Equipment Technician for both IQ and BME, was selected for her remarkable dedication to her job and the people with whom she works.

“It’s fitting and deserving that Nisa is one of the inaugural recipients of the Spartans Will Award. Nisa has been on the BME staff since nearly the beginning of the new department and the new institute, and has been an invaluable member of these two units on campus,” says Ms. Heather Hazzard, IQ and BME’s Chief of Staff.

Two faculty members, Dr. Wen Li and Dr. Dana Spence, received the Withrow Teaching Excellence Award. These awards recognize excellence in teaching and mentorship, and are one of Engineering’s highest teaching honors.

Portraits of Dr. Li and Dr. Spence

Left to right: Drs. Wen Li and Dana Spence

Finally, Dr. Mark Worden was chosen for the Withrow Exceptional Service Award, which is presented annually to one faculty member from the College of Engineering for exceptional institutional, public, and community service.

Portrait of Dr. Worden

Dr. Mark Worden

“These awards recognize some of the most dedicated and hardworking individuals in our Department and Institute. Their incredible effort has been instrumental in the founding and development of our programs, and to the success of our faculty and staff,” says Dr. Christopher Contag, Director and Chair of IQ and BME. “We are honored to have them acknowledged by our engineering colleagues!”

We hope you’ll join us in congratulating and thanking our hard-working and dedicated faculty and staff for their contributions to the University, the Department of Biomedical Engineering, the Institute, and the College of Engineering.