Xuefei Huang

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Xuefei Huang is a professor in the Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry. The multi-disciplinary approach of his group interfaces biology, chemistry, and engineering to develop next-generation tools for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Prior to joining MSU in 2008, Dr. Huang held appointments at the University of Toledo and Columbia University. He is a graduate of the University of Science and Technology of China and earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University.

Xuefei Huang Group

The major emphasis of our research is on chemistry and biology of carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates play important roles in many biological processes such as inflammation, tumor development, bacterial and viral infections. Detailed understanding of many of these processes is lacking.

Building on our strength in synthetic chemistry, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to study this important class of molecules. Our research encompasses several areas including synthesis, molecular imaging and targeted drug delivery aided by nanoparticles, as well as the development of novel immunotherapy against cancer and infectious diseases by targeting cell surface carbohydrate structures.