Nureddin Ashammakhi

portrait of Nureddin Ashammakhi



Nureddin Ashammakhi is a Senior Research Specialist and Lead, Engineering Multicellular Living Systems (EMCeLS), Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering (IQ), Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Engineering, Michigan State University.  

Research Interests

Dr. Ashammakhi is leading translational research on tissue engineering, biomaterials, three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting and organs-on-a-chip systems, including modelling tissues in health and disease. He has also extensive experience with biodegradable implants, drug release and nanofiber-based scaffolds.  

He was previously a Professor of Biomaterials Technology in Tampere University of Technology, Finland, Chair of Regenerative Medicine in Keele University, UK and Adjunct Professor in Oulu University, Finland, Adjunct Assoc Professor at University of California, Los Angeles, before joining Michigan State University.  

Notable Publications

He has published hundreds of papers, patent/patent applications, book chapters and conference abstracts. Up-to-date and most relevant publications are available on Google Scholar.