Nanomedicine Symposium Poster List



Poster AssignmentNameInstitutionPoster Title
Poster #1Yapei ZhangMichigan state universityPrecision control & quantitative monitoring of chemotherapy delivery in breast cancer via magnetic particle imaging (MPI)
Poster #2Dr. Manisha KumariMichigan state universityPro-efferocytic nanotube immunotherapy treats plaque in a large-animal translational model (transgenic pig) of atherosclerosis
Poster #3Madhu PuriMichigan State UniversityThree-for-one: Initial evaluation of the capabilities of the Cytoviva-Horiba integrated Raman + Hyperspectral + Enhanced Darkfield microscope system
Poster #4Yunxiu QiuMichigan State UniversityThe Mechanics of Tumor Cell Cytoskeletal Behavior in Metastatic Invasion via Microrheology
Poster #5Myrna Yvonne Gonzalez ArellanoMichigan State UniversityMeasuring Telomere Length of Placental Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Healthy Full-Term Pregnancies After Multiple Passages Using Quantitative PCR
Poster #6Romila ManchandaMichigan State UniversityQuantitative monitoring of drug release by enzyme-responsive polymeric nanoparticles for controlled drug delivery via MPI
Poster #7Arjun PoudelCentral Michigan UniversityUse of G4 PAMAM Dendrimers to Deliver Progesterone Intraperitoneally in MCAo Rat Models: An Example of Systemic Delivery of Treatments in Ischemic Stroke
Poster #8Bhairavi SrinageshwarCentral Michigan UniversityUse of PAMAM Dendrimers as a Delivery System for Brain Diseases and Cancer
Poster #9Hyllana MedeirosMichigan State UniversityPhosphorescent Metal Halide Nanoclusters for Tunable Photodynamic Therapy
Poster #10Paulina BiesMichigan State UniversityGenetically Engineered Magnetotactic Bacteria Nanorobots
Poster #11Najla SalehMichigan State UniversityBreakthrough Approach for Engineered IL10-EVs
Poster #12Saumya NigamMichigan State UniversityImproving Magnetic Particle Imaging of Lungs with Shape Anisotropy-Governed Nanoparticles
Poster #13Kay HadrickMichigan State UniversitySynthesis of Albumin-Nanoceria with Controlled Valence State and Its Effects on Macrophage Differentiation
Poster #14Meghan HillMichigan State UniversityPhototheranostic Effects of Extracellular Vesicle-Coated Nanoparticles for Glioblastoma Treatment
Poster #15Chauncey SplichalMichigan State UniversityEndoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress Alters siRNA-Mediated Silencing via Autophagosome Sequestration
Poster #16Swati SharmaMichigan State UniversityUsing the Particle Detector Module in Flow cytometer to analyze nanoparticles: Single walled carbon nanotubes