Michael Bachmann

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Email:  mhb@msu.edu
Lab phone:  517-884-7467
Office phone: 517-355-4064
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Michael Bachmann is an associate professor in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. Prior to being recruited by MSU, Dr. Bachmann worked in the laboratory of Dr. Christopher Contag at Stanford University where he advanced bioluminescence imaging methodology and applied it to a number of animal models of human disease, including cancer and infection.

His goal as a molecular virologist and cancer biologist is to advance our understanding of the molecular pathogenesis of HIV/AIDS infection, cancer and transplantation. He is focusing on combining bioluminescence imaging with molecular genetic screens to study how the immune system interacts with cancer cells and mismatched transplants and how it could possibly be modulated for the benefit of patients.

Dr. Bachmann studied medicine in Frankfurt and Mainz, Germany, as well as the Hammersmith Hospital in London, U.K. His graduate studies were in the laboratory of Dr. James I. Mullins in the Department of Cancer Biology at the Harvard School of Public Health.