George Mias

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Office: 517-353-0855
Lab:  517-355-7754
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George Mias is a Jean P. Schultz Endowed Biomedical Research Fund Faculty Awardee and is chief of the Systems Biology Division in the Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering.

He studied physics as both an undergraduate and graduate student at Yale University while concentrating on statistical physics, quantum dynamics, and critical phenomena. Dr. Mias was a lecturer/assistant in instruction at Yale University before changing fields and becoming a postdoctoral scholar in genetics at Stanford University. He received an NIH Pathway to Independence Award from the National Human Genome Research Institute.

The G. Mias Lab

Dr. Mias currently leads an interdisciplinary team that explores the integration of existing and developing omics technologies and their application in systems precision medicine.

His team uses both experimental and computational approaches to monitoring individuals transitioning through various physiological states, from health to disease (asthma, leukemia, immune disorders), toward implementation of a universal approach for individualized wellness.

One of their key tools is MathIOmica, a software program that provides a user-friendly framework for handling downstream analysis and visualization that is generalizable to multi-modal omics.