Bridie McClusky

Research Assistant



Bridie is the lab manager of the Transgenic and Genome Editing Facility (TGEF) and is responsible for lab management and molecular biology services including genome editing validation, construct cloning, genotyping, DNA sequencing and fragment analysis.

Bridie holds a Master of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology from Grand Valley State University. Her thesis work focused on developing a PCR assay for the detection of mosquito vectors in West Michigan, contributing to disease surveillance and prevention efforts. With a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from Michigan State University, Bridie has conducted undergraduate research in different areas including reproductive immunology, canine osteoarthritis, avian mycobacteriosis, and spermatogenesis in Mexican Wolves. Before joining MSU-TGEF Bridie was a Graduate Research Assistant at Grand Valley State University, actively involved in the molecular monitoring of COVID-19 in wastewater.