Biodesign IQ

BioDesignIQ will introduce medical technology innovation and entrepreneurship using the Biodesign process. The BioDesign ethos is channeled through three critical phases: to Identify (needs), Invent (solutions), and Implement. BioDesignIQ teams will be tasked to identify areas of unmet clinical need, identify key gaps and opportunities, brainstorm, ideate and systematically select concepts, and study feasibility through initial proof-of-concept testing.

The program is focused on arming teams with the knowledge to come up with reproducible, innovative solutions to critical biomedical needs. Small, highly multidisciplinary teams take on design projects that strive to address areas of under-met clinical need by inventing new medical technologies. They will develop a plan and the vision to bring the new medtech into the clinic to benefit patients as part of the BioDesign process, originally popularized at Stanford.