In collaboration with the Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering (IQ), PerkinElmer hosted a Systems Biology workshop on campus last week that brought researchers from various life science departments around campus together in the IQ Atrium. The workshop focused on in vivo imaging and high-content imaging technologies, as well as a session on career development and a hands-on Q&A session on the Quantum GX2 microCT located in the IQ Imaging Suite.

Olivia Kelada presents in front of an audience using two large screens next to her.

Olivia Kelada, Sr. Field Application Scientist at PerkinElmer, presents on “Preclinical CT: More than just bone imaging.”

The event featured sessions by two PerkinElmer scientists, Olivia Kelada, Sr. Field Application Scientist, and Trunh Nguyen, Product Specialist. Their presentations focused on preclinical CT and next generation high content analysis solutions.

Richard Saouma, Associate Dean of the Eli Broad College of Business, was the featured speaker for for the career portion of the workshop. Speaking about his research experiences in both academia and industry, he shared his journey leaving academia — the challenges he encountered, as well as the methods to overcome those obstacles.

The workshop was organized by JaeB Kim, Senior Field Application Scientist at PerkinElmer and adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Michigan State University. The list of over 40 attendees included trainees from the Departments of Biomedical Engineering, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Radiology, as well as attendees from MSU’s Grand Rapids campus.