Marcos Dantus Bio

Marcos Dantus has been a professor at MSU since 1993 and is presently a University Distinguished Professor and an MSU Foundation Professor. Through his work with photons, he has pioneered the use of shaped ultrafast pulses to probe and control chemical reactions as well as for practical applications such as biomedical imaging, proteomics, and standoff detection of explosives.

Dr. Dantus’ research group develops lasers and optical systems optimized for sensing disease markers, non-invasive imaging at the sub-cellular level, and ablating tissue. They focus on ultrafast computer controlled lasers and nonlinear optics and have developed optical biopsy approaches capable of unstained tissue/chemical-specific sensing using computer-optimized laser pulses.

Dr. Dantus founded Biophotonic Solutions Inc. in 2004 to develop and commercialize an instrument capable of automated laser pulse compression. He has more than 225 publications and is a fellow of The National Academy of Inventors, The American Physical Society, and The Optical Society of America.

He completed his Ph.D. and postdoc at California Institute of Technology where he helped develop femtochemistry and ultrafast electron diffraction. These developments were recognized by the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1999.


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