Training Opportunities

At IQ, we are teaching convergent science at all levels, from undergrad to post-doctoral fellows. Our mission is to have a dramatic impact on how we educate students across disciplines, teaching young scientists to think with engineering principles as they address biomedical problems.

IQ faculty train students to think about how different fields and different disciplines come together for one common goal – changing the way we think about health care. Students will leave MSU being the best-trained in the country in convergent science and biomedical engineering.

The laboratories in the IQ building have an open format so people from all levels and disciplines work in the same lab purposefully colliding into each other every day. Students across the spectrum work side-by-side with scientists from all areas to help drive innovation and research.

Post-Doctoral Training

There are numerous opportunities for post-doctoral training within IQ spanning the nine research areas.

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Graduate Programs

IQ has opportunities for graduate students ranging from neuroscience to biomedical engineering to solving real-world problems through evolution...

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Undergraduate Research

MSU has an international reputation for research, creative projects and learning experiences at the undergraduate level...

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