Galit Pelled

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Neuroengineering Division


Galit Pelled is a professor of biomedical engineering, radiology, and neuroscience and directs the Neuroengineering Division at MSU’s Institute of Quantitative Health Sciences and Engineering. Dr. Pelled was recruited by MSU from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore.

This division encompasses an interdisciplinary set of neuroscientists, computer scientists, biochemists and engineers working toward discovering fundamental principles of brain function and developing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.

Their research interests span a wide range of experimental and theoretical approaches that include neuroimaging, neuronal computation and modeling, neuro-nanotechnology, neurophotonics, brain stimulation and neuromodulation, neuroprostheses, brain-computer, and brain-machine interfaces.

Dr. Pelled’s expertise focuses on neuroscience, neuroengineering and program building. Her research capitalizes on advances in molecular biology, neuroimaging, and neuromodulation tools to develop innovative diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for neurological and cognitive disorders. One of the characteristics that make her work unique is that her lab readily adopts state-of-the-art and futuristic multimodal experimental approaches.

Her research has been published in high impact-scientific journals, and she has been NIH funded continuously since 2005, including 4 R01s as the principal investigator, among them the prestigious R01 NIH EUREKA award.

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