Vision, Mission and Impact



The Institute for Quantitative Health Science works to improve life through knowledge and innovation. We create the tools needed for quantitative analysis and thorough interrogation of complex biological systems, and we use these tools to gain a greater understanding of human life and living systems in order to preserve health and control disease.  
Watch Dr. Chris Contag, director of IQ, talk about the vision for IQ



IQ is a research collaboration among the colleges of Engineering, Human Medicine and Natural Science at Michigan State University. The institute is devoted to basic and applied research at the interface of life sciences, engineering, information sciences, and other physical and mathematical sciences.

IQ Impact


IQ’s impact on healthcare will reach beyond MSU’s campus and extend to the state, the nation, and the world. We will develop technologies to reduce healthcare costs and dramatically improve patient care. Imagine if we change the model from providing generalized healthcare to precision healthcare – diagnosing illness with wearable technologies and tools that allow us to identify and treat the disease sooner. These technologies will improve healthcare and reduce its cost, which will drive biomedical entrepreneurship.