Director's Welcome


The Institute for Quantitative Health Sciences and Engineering is affectionately called IQ for its dedication to the development of intelligent solutions to the most-pressing biomedical quandaries facing scientists and clinicians.

To address these important problems, we have gathered some of the most creative minds from around the country to build integrative programs that bridge disciplines and integrate strategies for convergent tactical solutions.

Our research-oriented faculty bring to IQ a deep and wide set of multidisciplinary expertise bridging many areas of biomedical science. This expertise exists within a culture and architecture that fosters openness and collaboration and ensures convergence in science. This structure gives us the greatest chances of making discoveries that dramatically impact clinical care and fundamentally change our understanding of the basic biology of health and disease.

As director of IQ and chair of MSU’s new department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) it is critical that BME is fully integrated into IQ and that BME faculty play a fundamental role in our mission. The BME department attracts incredible graduate students who share a passion for convergence in biomedical research and will be a great asset to IQ.   

Our IQ faculty currently represent four colleges and 14 departments throughout MSU. The colleges of Natural Science, Human Medicine and Engineering have contributed to the IQ initiative, while many other colleges at MSU have contributed to the IQ vision. The less insular structure of IQ strengthens integrative programs and forms links to many departments on campus to build a robust research portfolio.

Even though IQ is research-intensive, there is an aim to develop courses that teach integrative science and encourage students to cross disciplines and integrate approaches. We encourage you to check out our programs, projects, and people and see the incredible impact we are making on human health.

Christopher H. Contag
James and Kathleen Cornelius Chair
Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Director, Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering
Chair, Department of Biomedical Engineering

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